Q.What do we need to run a Ceilidh?

Performance area for the band (7×4 metres)

  • Dance floor (Minimum 17×7 metres)
  • Access to mains electricity for PA 

Setting up and getting out

Access to the venue 90 mins before the doors open

  • Close vehicular access to the stage area
  • 1 hour  afterward to pack everything up

Q.How far will you travel?

Celtic Knot are happy to travel across the Northwest of England and North Wales.

Wedding Ceilidh, Snowdonia 2015

Wedding Ceilidh, Snowdonia 2015

Q.Where can we hear your music?

See our page ” Listen to us”.

Q.What does it cost to hire a live band?:

Included in our fee is a four-piece  Band,  Dance caller, and Sound Technician with full stage rig. Our pricing is very competitive  and  varies according to size of the band you want to hire , venue size, distance of travel, set-up and finish times and so on, which is why we price each unique event separately. If you have a charity or other special event or a small, more intimate gathering please contact us and we can discuss what is possible for your budget.

For an exact quote or with any other questions for your party or event please contact us.

Q.How long do the band play for?

Typically we play two sets of around 75 mins each with a break.  However we are more than happy to arrange this to suit your requirements. We will make sure there is music playing during any short breaks we take. If you prefer to bring your own iPod playlist, just let us know in advance. Our sound engineer can also provide a disco after the Ceilidh if required.

Q.Do the band need a stage?

It’s great if that band perform on a stage as it creates an obvious dancefloor and performance ambience – but not at all necessary.

Q.Do the band use backing tracks?

No, we are a completely live band and do not use backing tracks.

Q.Does the band have any personal requirements?

We will need a room to store equipment  and refreshments.

Q.How loudly do you play?

The band can play as loudly or quietly as you like! Celtic Knot has played at many events of differing sizes, and can adjust the volume to the size of the venue and number of people. If your venue has a sound limiter please let us know so we can tailor our volume accordingly.

Q.Is Celtic Knot insured and safety tested?

Yes, the band holds full public liability insurance and our stage rig  is ‘PAT’ safety tested.

Q.Can we use the band PA system for speeches or music?

Yes, as long as you are using it after our set up and sound check then the PA can be used for speeches/music. our sound technician can also provide music for a disco if required.

12th March 2016 dancing irish centreQ.Can I come and see you play?

Most of our bookings are for private events, weddings and private parties so this can be difficult. Occasionally our clients are happy for you to stand near the back of the room and watch so this is something we are happy to discuss. Sometimes we perform at open events or at festivals where you can attend as a member of the public.

Have Celtic Knot ever had to cancel?

No. If one of the band is taken ill, we have plenty of backup musicians  available.

How do I book the band?

Please contact us to discuss further details, we can then give you a quote.  To make a booking please email or phone. (see; Contact us).

For any other questions about us  please contact us – we’d be delighted to give you an answer!